The AZ Fittings GmbH company is a young, innovative company which was founded after extensive preparatory work. We have specialised in trading in pipe components made of stainless steel. Special sizes up to DN 200 are available from stock. This generally comprises pipe connections, reducing adapters, bends, T-pieces, flanges, threads and connection components etc.

We both import and export the various pipe fittings. On request by the customer, we are able to manufacture and inspect semi-finished products in our own workshop. We offer fittings from renowned manufacturers with whom we have an alliance, on request.

Our clientele all over the world appreciates our optimum storage provision, our fair prices and, in particular, also the short delivery times. The fact that we act greatly with our customers in mind means that there is high regard on the part of supplier and buyer. Two of the aspects which are very important for us on the part of our component suppliers are ecology and working atmosphere. We visit them and inspect them at regular intervals.

We look forward to establishing contact with you and are sure that we can thrill you with our products.

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Edelstahl Fittinge, Rohrverbindungen, Rohrverbindungsstücke.

The AZ Fittings GmbH company is a pure trading company which sells various pipe components for producing pipelines. Our warehouse comprises a stock of around 250'000 to 300'000 elements in order to guarantee a short delivery time for our customers.

In our plant, we use only stainless steel of the higher quality grades. Most of our customers are in the foodstuffs and beverages industries. We are also able to supply to other industrial customers who work in the stainless-steel pipeline sector. All our fittings can be ordered with the well-known documents such as the 3.1 certificates.

The quality, quantity and availability of all our component suppliers are checked regularly. On customer request, we are able to supply up to 100,000 components within approximately 8 weeks. We are also able to meet customer-specific requirements such as special labelling (e.g. with your company logo or material number etc.).

We endeavour to achieve optimum quality and shortest delivery times for our customers.

You can have us manufacture semifinished products to customer drawing.

Do you have questions, wishes or a problem with which you are not getting any further? We will be more than willing to help you with our expertise.


Flanges aus Edelstahl

Our customers tell us time and time again that it would be good to be able to order everything on a one-stop shopping basis. Since many valves and also bigger pipelines are connected by means of flanges, we have included in our range a certain selection of welding neck flanges and dummy flanges complying with various Standards.

We have developed a special-purpose flange on the basis of our experience in various industries. It carries on where Standard DIN 2633 leaves off. The screw-fitting and pipeline connection sizes are identical. For the seal, we use a milk pipe seal with collar to achieve a hygienic connection.

You can find the hygiene flange in our shop in the "Flanges" section. It can be coupled with any flange valve or other flange element to form a hygienic connection. We would be more than willing to supply you with further information or help you to select the right component.

Tri Clamp Verbindungen aus Edelstahl

Tri Clamp (DIN 32676) connections are used in every industry with the most stringent demands as regards hygiene and flexibility. The connection can be quickly and easily released manually. The elements are used wherever it is necessary to be able to dismantle something quickly or wherever flexibility is required in connecting various components.

Our company stocks large numbers of all popular sizes. We can also supply them with various designs of seal such as Viton, silicone, EPDM or PTFE.

We can supply small numbers of special sizes from DN 125 to DN 150 directly from stock. We will be more than willing to procure special components which we do stock for you and we will do so within a feasible time.

Submit an enquiry to us and we will persuade you with our excellent prices and optimum availability that you have come to the right place.

Clampdichtungen Spezialanfertigungen und Normteile.

This seal manufactured for Tri Clamp is a product which we developed ourselves. It is used in various sectors of the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuffs and beverages industries. The Clamp seal can be used to filter an extremely wide variety of media.

It can also be fitted upstream of valves, pumps or other difficult elements to protect the system. The seal can be ordered with various passage sizes (100 micron - 2000 micron). We are currently able to supply size 3“ 76.1 mm.

We are able to produce other sizes on request. The technical data sheet can provide you with further insights into the broad range of possible applications of this seal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you require further information.

§ Food-safe in accordance with FDA/LMBG and NSF-51

§ Blue = makes visible bacteria and mould

§ Maximum hygiene thanks to special injection-moulding method, strainer made of 1.4404

Very good chemical properties, also suitable for organic solvents, ketones and aldehydes.

Scope of application
Medical, pharmaceutical, chemical-bottling and beverages industries
Protects the system components against soiling and also damage

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